Salvation is through Christ alone



God has given us the best Gift last

The gift of salvation

Which Is none other than His Son

He has paid the ultimate price

The price of the life of His Only Son


God is Holy,

and can in no way be connected to us

we would be destroyed

but some of us Saints will even get to meet

the Big Guy in person,

and remain alive

() =


If we believe in our heart

And confess with our mouth

That Jesus is Lord of o


Believing that He will return at any moment


Learn more about us.

God created you and all things



He loves mankind and wants to have a relationship with us

-         But He is Righteous and cannot even stand to look at us (we would be destroyed)

o       Let alone be able to be anywhere's near us

§         To be able to have a relationship with us

·        His children

-         He has devised a way to have a relationship with us

o       It is a very costly price

§         It cost Him the life of His Son

·        Who the Father had to Look away from

o       While Jesus paid the price of sin for all of us

§         An indescribable amount of pain

·        That we could never pay ourselves

o       Or even bare to watch

-         He has sent us Clothing garments that cover up our sinfulness

o       In the Form of His Son

§         So that when He looks at us

·        He only sees the Righteousness of His Son

-         He even sent us a Helper, to Live inside us always

o       So, even when nobody else is there, God is

§         To show us how to do Right= (Best Friend)

·        But, we still get the choice

o       To do good or bad

§         Gift of God = free will





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